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Seed NGO is an initiative by the youth from all sections of our society.

Our Brief

The organization’s main emphasis is empowerment of down trodden people, protection of the environment. The focus areas are natural resource management, sanitation, solid waste management, empowering the women and needy farmers by providing training and arranging the resources from various agencies. SEED provides welfare services to people especially women in order to improve their living standards. It also works for the upliftment of the slums and poor people focuses on integrated rural development through various programmes on education, afforestation, wasteland development. It also gives emphasis on sanitation and clean habits by disseminating information to the general public through seminars, meetings and counseling. It has been conduct.

Number of Full Time Staff – 7
Number of Full Time Volunteers – 8
Year of Establishment – 2004

Seed NGO is registered nonprofit organization (NGO) based in Karur city, Tamilnadu. SEED is registered under section 10, Act 1975(TAMILNADU ACT 27 of 1975). SEED India Social Organization is an initiative by the youth from all sections of our society. Hence, it was envisioned as a common platform for the youth to come forward and join hands, in reforming and rebuilding our society. The youth of this country has a tremendous potential, primarily due to its sheer size. We strive to mobilize them in order to make them understand their responsibilities towards the society and inspire them to take up social work, which will lead to a better tomorrow.Team Seed NGO working on different projects dedicated to Education, Healthcare, Environment and Women Empowerment sectors. Seed NGO is also working to spread awareness about various social issues and topics with the support of our team members and volunteers.


Our Mission

To inspire and mobilize Indian youth and gather active public support in order to work for the betterment of the society in all ways possible, and to garner cooperation among various social-service bodies for achieving this.

Registration Details

SEED  Organization registered under section 25, Companies act 1956 as a nonprofit organization in Karur city ( Tamilnadu, India).

  • Registration Number : 49/2004
  • FCRA Registration Number : 075860019
  • Permanent Account Number : AAEAS2491N
  • All The Donations are Tax-Exempted Under Section 80G of Income Tax Act,1961 with Ref. No : PN/CIT(Exempt.)/Tech/80G/393/2016-17/4410.

Beneficiary Groups

  • Construction Workers
  • Construction Workers
  • Dalits
  • Farmers / Farm Labourers
  • Girl Child
  • Healthcare Workers
  • Plants
  • Rural Poor
  • Scavengers (human)
  • Street Children
  • Students
  • Women
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